We offer two enlightening and entertaining programs on how we market Cops & Doughnuts!

For business audiences
Entrepreneurship / Customer Service / Retail Sales & General Entertainment.

In this engaging, inspiring and hilarious presentation, a cop-owner tells of their journey in taking a historic 113 year old bakery that was about to close and turning it into an All-American success story.

Hear all about their mission, business strategy, excellence in customer service and the importance of community involvement. Learn how this multi-million dollar business started with a business plan written on the back of a pizza box and helped to rejuvenate a small city! Discover how the cops use social media, outdoor advertising and broadcast news to market their business in very unique ways.

Be captivated with how they created a devoted customers base that not only remains loyal, but spreads the word about their bakery. Find out why folks travel from all over the country to experience Cops & Doughnuts!

For business audiences

We believe that to be successful in business today, marketing with social media is imperative. Cop-Owner Ryno is our on-line guru and would like to walk you through our S.W.A.T. approach in using social media to it fullest extent. In this fast moving talk, Ryno will explain how he uses social media every day to improve sales, our image and customer service.

Learn what type of posts, photographs and video garner the most attention, and discover the marketing benefits of social media, without all the technical jargon.

We all know that word of mouth is the best advertising. But today, social media IS word of mouth. Even if you are not using social media in your business marketing plan, your business still has a presence on-line! This program will show you ways to monitor your on-line presence.

Business Done The “Cop Way”

$ 1,800
  • Up To 2 Hours

Social Media S.W.A.T

$ 1,800
  • Up To 2 Hours

Both Talks At The Same Event

$ 3,000