Welcome to Cops & Doughnuts-Sutherland Precinct! We are proudly located in the Historic Sutherland's Bakery: Founded in 1912.

The former Historic Sutherland's Bakery has been re-opened by the World Famous Cops & Doughnuts as of June 2016. Yes! The original 9 officers who banded together to save the Historic Clare Bakery have done it again! Stop on in and enjoy some delectable doughnuts, scrumptious pastries, and our very own Fresh-Brewed Cops Coffee! We also have keepsakes & goods for purchase so you can take a little piece of Cops&Doughnuts with you wherever you go. Hope to see you soon!

  • Cops & Doughnuts, 710 E Midland St, Bay City, Michigan 48706, United States

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  • May 27, 2024 10:27 am local time

  • A.H. Bloom
    January 18, 2021 at 3:00 pm

    Executive Summary: Great Products & Value for the money, Good Selection, Easy free street Parking, COVID compliant, Friendly and Fun. We’ll be back!

    Good patrol Cops (and us retired ones) know 2 things solidly: (1) the location of quality baked goods (well, maybe we Old-Schoolers, anyway. . .but it was an epiphany for me to now be attending “civilian” seminars and meetings and find out that Donuts and Rolls ARE NOT the mandatory mainstay appetizer or break treat!); and (2) where the clean restrooms are! C&D definitely hit #1 out of the park (didn’t need the restroom today, so can’t vouch for that)!

    These servings are BIG compared to both chain store selections, and even our local award winning bakeries here in Green Bay (yeah, its a “Michigan Thing” – but I grew up in the Saginaw Valley Area, and have only been living “behind enemy lines” for 35 yrs!). As for price, pretty much what I expected to better. The cannoli were INCREDIBLE!

    Smaller selection than I am used to in the “Chains” but for the slower traffic location of this shop, more than adequate. Love the quaint, smaller/older city feel of this venue. Lots of free street parking.

    Nice selection of novelty items and wear (“Don’t Glaze Me, Bro” . . . you’re killing me, Smalls, you’re killing me!…). Could not leave without grabbing the U.P. Social Isolation Since 1837 shirt!

    EXCEPTIONALLY friendly staff (we stopped in on Saturday afternoon on Jan 16), that knew their stuff. Was pleased with the COVID precautions. What was carried out fit “the science” as opposed to fitting the “hysteria.”

    Coppers & Former-Coppers: bring your patch…they collect and display. Show off your Departmental Pride (forget the Admin crap – you and your department still ROCK!).

    Stay Safe! 10-08.

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